The story of taste that will win you over with the first bite.

Carica products are great for family meals, friendly gatherings and trips! They will win you over with their freshness and rich flavors.

More than good

Carica offers a high-quality and exceptionally tasty selection of dishes, which combines a wide selection of soups, chicken breasts, salads, pates and food seasonings.

We are confident you will love to share them with family and friends as well as enjoy them yourself.

Carefully selected ingredients








Carefully selected ingredients

For Carica brand, quality and great taste are a lot more than just words, they represent our values. When it comes to selection of ingredients, we make use of the highest standards, choosing only superior meats, quality oils and natural spices.


Carefully selected meats


vegetable oils


Best of what sea
has to offer


Selected high quality


Juicy mackerel filets,
naturally high in
omega 3 fatty acids


Highly nutritious pork liver


Unique combinations
of natural spices

Chicken meat

hand-deboned meats

Carica's kitchen

Welcome to the kitchen of good flavors, where every recipe represents a story for itself. In this inspiring collection of recipes you will find ideas for gourmet cuisine, quick meals and snacks for any occasion.

Homemade ravioli

with Carica chicken pate filling

Stuffed baked potatoes

with Carica JUNIOR chicken pate

Stuffed eggs

with Carica Spicychicken pate

Baked pork cutlets

with Carica liver pate with ham

Choose your own Carica

Carica's games

Stimulate your grey cells with Carica's games! Have fun with puzzles, connecting the dots, coloring pages and more. It is time for creative fun!

Skills Challenge

Are you skilful enough to bring little rooster safely to the finish line?

Connect the Dots

Find the hidden picture by connecting the dots!

Strength Challenge

It is time to put your fingers to the test!


Print, cut and assemble a homestead of your choice.

Carica's news

Get the latest news from Carica. Read more about our activities and stay informed on the latest products and special offers in shops near you.

You have chosen Carica pates for »Product of the year 2016«!

January 19, 2015 - News

The 'Product of the Year' is an international standard of consumer recognition and is the largest consumer voted award. It highlights unique innovations and rewards the best customer centric product innovations across categories. Products are selected exclusively by the Slovenian consumers based on their satisfaction with the products and services.

We are truly happy to see that all the passion and effort we invest in the development of new products enabled us to meet your high expectations. On behalf of the entire Carica team, thank you very much for your continued loyalty and your eagerness to try the products we develop for you. This recognition encourages us to continue in our efforts!

Novelty: Food seasoning VEGIS Carica

December 1, 2015 - News

Carica food seasoning mix Vegis is intended for seasoning all types of dishes. With its subtle aroma it complements every meal, making it even better. You can use it to season meat, fish, soups, sauces, rice, pasta, vegetables and plenty of other dishes. Vegis is easy to use: when cooking boiled and stewed dishes, add Vegis a few minutes before the end of cooking time; and when cooking other dishes sprinkle food with Vegis before cooking time. Food will taste better, smell better.

Choose Carica Vegis for a better taste and impress your friends and family!

Novelty: Mackerel pate with vegetables Carica

December 1, 2015 - News

We proudly announce that Carica got a new member in the pate family! Mackerel pate with vegetables harmonically combines taste of sea and vegetables, matching perfectly with different types of bread. The pate is made without preservatives, with natural aromatic spices and has a naturally high content of omega 3 fatty acids. Its hearty and fresh flavor is complemented by its excellent spreadability. Try it, it’s simply delicious!

Carica wishes you a pleasant meal.

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